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At this time all therapy appointments are via Zoom or Skype. To book an online therapy video session call me on 0207 813 1333, or email me at michaeljcameron.com


Practice locations:








The length of each session is 50 minutes. (fees remain unchanged for the duration of therapy).




Online Therapy: 90 per session


(An out of hours 10 supplement is payable for appointments between 5pm and 7pm).


Companies and Private Health Care

100 per session. I am a recognised health provider for most insurance companies, including BUPA and PPP, subject to fulfilling their criteria, normally a referral by a consultant psychiatrist. Once the insurance company has agreed the treatment they will  issue an authorisation number, which you will bring to the initial consultation.  


Couples: 120 per 80 minute session, payable at the end of each session.           


Making Payment

Payment for the initial assessment is by bank transfer at the time of the appointment booking. Subsequent therapy sessions to be paid by bank transfer prior to the appointment date, or in cash at the start of the therapy session.


Cancellations & Unattended Sessions Charges

Regularity and continuity are important in therapy, as they give a feeling of reliability and structure to the process.  We will agree on the days and times of your meetings (normally weekly) and those times will then be set aside for you.

A cancellation charge of 50 will be payable on all arranged sessions, where there is less than 48 hours notice given.  However, if I know in advance that you cannot attend a session, and there are openings during that appointment week we may be able to find an alternative time, in which case no cancellation charge will be made. Same day cancellations or unattended sessions will incur the full fee.


Making an appointment:

If you would like to make an appointment please telephone (020) 8445 1369, or (020) 7813 1333 during the hours of 10am 6pm, Monday to Friday.


Contact Me

If you would have any questions please email michaeljcameron@hotmail.com

The Consultation
During the consultation, we will agree which problems seem to be the most important. After this initial discussion you may be asked to fill in some questionnaires to get a more detailed measure of your difficulties, after which we will agree a certain number of sessions. Most courses of cognitive therapy last from 5 to 15 weeks, with once-weekly sessions lasting 50 minutes.


Useful Suggestions

Its probably a good idea to make a note of the problem so that you are satisfied you know what you want to change, i.e., what a good outcome for you would be. This will save time during the initial consultation and also give us a starting point for deciding what a realistic outcome might be.


Locating a qualified Cognitive Therapist in the United Kingdom

For a list of accredited Cognitive Therapists throughout the U.K. visit www.BABCP.com


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